Amber Sharp

Amber Sharp

Amber is our workplace guru and one of the few people to have read both WorkChoices and Fair Work and be able to explain them to an audience that is still awake when she's finished. Amber didn't write the book on employment law because she isn't that boring, but she can make it sound like a page turner.

Employers love Amber because she speaks utter common sense and negotiates consistently brilliant results while being completely delightful. At the office, we love her too but more because she's really funny and especially when she isn't trying to be.

A completely reliable party starter (and stayer), Amber didn't mind at all when we wrapped her entire desk and everything on it in file note paper. She can eat her own weight in t-bone steak and we have gone nowhere near finding the bottom of her energy reserves. In short, she isn't all that tall. But every office should have an Amber so we're lucky we've got the only one.

Direct line: +612 8216 3099

Mobile: +61 404 860 244