Kim Middleton

Kim Middleton

With a background of complex international law experience in Sydney and London, Kim has developed serious expertise in the energy and resources field and can tell you the right diameter pipe to pump oil from the seabed to your bedside.  Smart like a fox and tall like a meerkat, she is the complete commercial lawyer.

Kim is the owner of the Marc Jacobs wallet after which Marque was allegedly named, but really it's her shoe collection that keeps us in a state of awe-filled admiration. Kim is Marque's Style Queen and possesses both the sense of a country girl (because she is) and the sensibility of a fashion icon.

If you need to know which cocktail will go best with your handbag, or you want to sell oil to the Saudis, talk to Kim.

Direct line: +612 8216 3016

Mobile: +61 412 201 672