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What's available right now

2 - 3 year Lawyer - Commercial (Tech experience please)

2 - 3 year Workplace Relations Lawyer

2 - 3 year Workplace Relations Lawyer

We are looking for an addition to our small but immaculately formed WR team.  This role will perfectly suit someone who's done a couple of years of solid employment work and would like to keep doing that but with better parties and fewer collared shirts.

Our practice is employer-focused, mostly a mix of regular employment law issues, compliance work and WHS prosecutions.  We cover the full range for our clients, generally on retainer.  We don't time cost, and you don't have a budget, target or unwritten requirement to be here until the last partner leaves.

The work is fast-paced, very client-centric and we're famous for being practical, commercial and an absolute delight to deal with.  Which does mean you can't be a sociopath, but that's pretty much our only personality benchmark.

The future opportunities for this role are excitingly open-ended.  Marque is unique.  You'd like it here.

Applications to  Include details of the reasons we can't live without you.