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We look after the legal needs of corporate clients.

We bring a lot of smarts and a lot of experience
to that task. Here's a snapshot of what we can do.



Joint venture agreements, sale and purchase agreements, farm in/farm out agreements, drilling agreements, services agreements and land access agreements.

Whether you think Australia is just a big quarry for China, or a massive and sophisticated market for eye-wateringly large resources and infrastructure projects, there's no question that oil, dirt and steel continue to be a big and essential part of the Australian economy and story.  We are well placed to participate.

Our team has worked on oil and gas, mining and infrastructure projects across the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

We represent major and independent oil and gas companies, government departments, shiploading facility operators, service companies and equipment suppliers in all aspects of domestic oil and gas exploration and production.

We also have expertise in advising clients involved in the iron ore, coal, gold and minerals and metals industries. We provide advice on all stages of the life cycle of mining projects and provide dispute resolution advice when necessary along the way.

We advise companies in the infrastructure and transport industries on the legal issues which they face from creation to acquisition of projects, large or small.  We have experience in the aviation, water, roads, ports and rail sectors.

Finally, we have run significant litigation and arbitrations in this field, including a leading High Court test case on mining royalties, and dispute resolution is a major part of our focus.
Our team has unique experience, acting as outsourced in house counsel for many clients in this area, dealing directly with the business on project issues.  We become part of our client’s team and we invest significantly in the relationship.  We give advice that is both sound in law and works in the real world.

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