We famously write a lot (check out the Soap Box if you didn’t know that about us), but actually we talk even more. Since we convinced the partners that podcasting is not just some transient millennial obsession but a really popular medium for enduring long hikes, we’ve been getting on board with it.

As with anything, 90% of the podcasts out there are terrible. For legal podcasts, make that 99%. Check out our form and see if we’ve cracked the 1%.


What actually does a shot-gun clause do? Should any self-respecting start-up entrepreneur know what ESOP stands for?

The answers are at Subtitles On. Our G and Fee, from Marque’s corporate team, launched Subtitles On amid the panic of COVID (after our sourdough competition finished of course). Its purpose is simple – unpack corporate language that is designed to confuse and exclude. Unfortunately, when you look at the stats, and from firsthand experiences, it is often women who are underrepresented and excluded from starting businesses, running companies, or being appointed to the board of directors.

G and Fee work a lot with female founders and start-ups, so that’s who they’re talking to although men are allowed to listen too. Think of the podcast as your corporate subtitles service, so you’ll never again find yourself in a boardroom wondering if you’re the only one who doesn’t know where angels access their money.

Most Recent Episode:
ESOPs - We all know that it is the people behind a startup that can make or break its chance of success. So with limited financial capacity during the crucial years of growth how do startups attract, retain and incentive talent? Often the answer is an ESOP, also known as employee share ownership plan. Join, G and Fee this week on Subtitles On where they chat all things ESOPs.

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