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For all things media and advertising, Hannah is a one-woman repository of legal knowledge and bad puns. Having literally consumed the Competition and Consumer Act, she can tell you without blinking whether your advertising claims for the health benefits of cage-free, organically grown charcoal tea leaves will pass muster or leave you with a major regulatory headache. She also knows why they call it "third line forcing" and how to make the ACCC roll over like a playful puppy. Covering both compliance and litigation, Hannah rules when it comes to defamation, competition law, misleading advertising and anything else touching on the world of online (or old school) communication.

While Hannah does have a slightly dorky love of the law, she’d still prefer to tell you how cute her dog is and the latest modifications to the family caravan. Boasting an inexhaustible supply of really bad jokes she memorised while growing up in Perth, Hannah brightens our office with an irrepressible enthusiasm for life and everything in it.

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