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Trademark Attorney

Daisy von Schoenberg

Daisy is a senior litigator with an impressive range of experience, a specialist in managing the massive documentary burdens of big cases and nailing arcane points of law and procedure. She joined Marque as a paralegal at what seems to us to have been the age of 13, although she swears she was already an adult. Daisy has twin passions for media law and human rights; many of our refugee clients have had the benefits of her compassionate and fierce advocacy in their cause.

First impressions do of course deceive, but they also stick around which must be why Daisy continues to enjoy a reputation for innocence when she is in fact frequently the epitome of sass. Could be her impeccable timing. Anyway, beware the bright-eyed country girl, she doesn’t miss a thing. And yet nobody who meets Daisy doesn’t immediately like her, as they should. Absolute loveliness, the sharpest of intellects and a deep social conscience: the perfect combination for a modern lawyer.


Direct line:

+612 8216 3024


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