Felicia Lal

Felicia Lal

Marque’s commitment to diversity has some unexpected results.  Weirdly, we have a lot of twins and, stranger still, heaps of Canadians.  What odds a Canadian twin?

Well, that’s Fee.  To define her another way, draw a line from India, through Fiji and Canada, to the Gold Coast and then Sydney.  Or just imagine a not very tall but not very quiet dynamo, a blur of perpetual motion equally terrifying on the sporting field (doesn’t really matter what sport) or at a karaoke bar (or really any bar).  That’s also Fee.  And she owns the firm’s Best Dimples.

She’s part of our Corporate team, fast learning which end of the Corporations Act is up and how to draft a Mexican Stand-off clause in a shareholders’ agreement.  You know what they say, no Fee no win.  Boom.

Direct line: +61 2 8216 3084

Email: felicial@marquelawyers.com.au