Nathan Mattock

Nathan Mattock

After a string of high profile cases involving telecommunications giants and umm, adult content, Nathan would be famous enough as a major case litigator even without the three High Court cases he's run and his appearance on TODAY where he delivered the immortal quote "It's game over, Sony." Nathan's experience encompasses intellectual property, franchising and a wide variety of contract claims. Clients love him because he's commercial, confident, fast and entirely entertaining.

But that's just the public story. Behind the scenes, Nathan remains the class clown he has obviously been since kindy, the kid who sends bogus emails from other partners' desks, who maintains an eclectic collection of bizarrely bad taste "trinkets" from his trips, the world's worst (but most enthusiastic) break dancer and the start and finish of every party. If we were the Spice Girls, he'd be the fun but annoying one.

Direct line: +612 8216 3003

Mobile: +61 400 887 033