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What's available right now

Seasonally Non-Specific Clerkships 2020

Seasonally Non-Specific Clerkships 2020

It’s March, and that means the official start of clerk hunting season.

Applications are now open for Marque’s infamous non-seasonal paid clerkships.  If you’d like to spend 6 weeks of your winter with us (or 7 weeks of your spring – we don’t really care), here’s what you have to do: tell us about one law that you think should be changed and why. 

It can be any law, big or little. It can be a law which you think would result in a better nation; like an Australian Climate Change Act; a law which would help one person or group, like the #letherspeak campaign; or just because it annoys you, legislative silence on 'wet' v dry signatures in deeds for example.  We just need to know what it is and why you think it should change.

Why do we care?  Yes we are a commercial law firm.  But we are and do so much more.  We are a B Corp – part of a community who uses business as a force for good.  We use our experience and resources to advocate for the changes, including to the law, that we want to see in the world.

How to apply?

We don’t want essays or draft legislation.  The shorter the better – for you and us.  You can apply in any way that suits you and your message…and that we can receive (which actually means no to TikTok, even our trendy paralegals couldn’t figure it out).  Instagram, Twitter, email, play doh, edible applications and Lego all work for us.  But no live animals please (yes it’s happened before).  The only other requirement is that all submissions must bear the hashtag #clerkatMarque and don’t forget to tag our handle @marquelawyers if applying via Instagram or Twitter.  Email applications to

Students currently studying law are eligibile to apply.  The deadline to apply is 30 March so get cracking.