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3 - 4 year Commercial lawyer, energy/resources experience preferred

3 - 4 year Commercial lawyer, energy/resources experience preferred

Kim's team is in need of a senior lawyer to help service its ever-growing practice in energy, resources and infrastructure.  The team covers the field for industries that use big technical words, and the current mad growth area is of course renewables.

Perfect for a 3-4 year commercial lawyer with private practice training, some inhouse experience would be great, renewable, regulatory or compliance experience even better.

Most of our clients are on retainer, leaving you free to concentrate on the relationship and the work.  You'll never lay eyes on a timesheet again.  The contracts are massive, the jargon mystifying and the technology frequently breathtaking.  It's cutting edge stuff, sometimes literally (we have clients who use really sharp objects).

This role is perfect for a lawyer who knows what they're good at and want to do, and is ready to move at pace through the next part of their career.  It is, as they say, a greenfield site.

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