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starters. If you're not those
things, you're not for Marque

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If your application uses the word "penultimate"
or tells us that you have excellent written and
oral communication skills, we won't read it.

What's available right now

Junior lawyer 1-2 years - Commercial

Junior lawyer 1-2 years - Commercial

We need fresh food for the machine we fondly call our Commercial team.  The beating heart of the Marque empire, the Commercial practice is eclectic, varied, endlessly busy and exceedingly well dressed.  The client relationships are mostly retainer-based, meaning you'll never need to look at a timesheet again and the only hours you'll be counting are those between you and lunch/the beach/cocktails.

Famously (and truthfully), Marque operates with no personal performance measures that involve numbers.  Individuality is not an aspiration, it's a given.  And shoes, like coming to the office, are optional.

If you have a deep love of contracts, would love an invite to the coolest client parties, like the sound of personal autonomy and are actually quite keen to do something with your career beyond the boring norm, then this could be the golden ticket.

Or just check out our Instagram page, the Dogs of Marque will melt the coldest legal soul.

Applications that do not mention the Dalai Lama (please) to  Looking forward to it.