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If you've worked out that we're unique
and you should be too, tell us!

Write to
If your application uses the word "penultimate"
or tells us that you have excellent written and
oral communication skills, we won't read it.

What's available right now.

Corporate graduate lawyer

Commercial lawyer

If you don't play the saxophone, you'll need some other useful skill like hairdressing or connections with a Japanese/French fusion chef or a black belt in something or word-perfect recall of the lyrics to an MC Hammer song of your choice.

Now please, we're not impressed that you've built an orphanage in the Sudan or that you speak Russian or worked at every community legal centre in Sydney or organised the Law Ball. Everyone's done that. But if you've had a drink with the Dalai Lama, okay that'll get you an interview.


What distinguishes a Marquester from the general population? Here's what they say about working here:

Working at Marque is like a dream. I once dreamt I was being attacked by a crazed clown. Working at Marque feels exactly like that. (Daphne)

I love the work, I love the banter, I love the F45 club, most of all though (and as cliché as this sounds), I love the fact that I get to work day in day out with people who are bloody awesome and just all round good people. (Giselle)

Marque is like a day at the beach. Apart from the sand flies. There are no sand flies at Marque. We get these little flying bugs occasionally, but I don't think they're sand flies. (Michael)

We clap a lot at team meetings and sometimes we sing. Last week we did Vogue by Madonna. It’s a very supportive environment. Not like a cult at all really. (Hannah)

Honesty is important at Marque.  You can call the partners “self indulgent” and still get a promotion. (Jess)

Marque is the best place to escape from my kids. (Nelli)

The acceptance of John and Justin wearing jogger pants to work. (Emma)

Marque is so much more than a really great wallet. (Kim)

Marque is a place where people can be themselves at work. I should know. (Isabelly)

The partners at Marque are yet to give me a nickname I don’t utterly despise. (Justin) (aka Showbags).

I once asked for a fruit platter for my birthday cake, no one has spoken to me since. (James)

Working for Marque makes me stand proud and tall, which is amazing because I'm actually really short. (Pam)

Working at Marque means calling the Partner that you work for an “old man” and having him laugh (Daisy)

Everyone wears jogger pants and tie-dye shirts at Marque. It was weird at first but now I’m convinced it’s the height of fashion. (John)

Marque is so inclusive, we even accept vegans (Jeshanah)


There’s a section of the office that has a tennis court, yoga matts and a giant colouring in page. We’re all very serious here. (Jennifer)

Marque seems to help people be the best version of themselves, both as lawyers and humans, and that’s great to be around. Although I do think the collective music taste of what we play in the office could be a better version of us, but somehow for over 3 years now control of that has remained outside of my grasping hands. (Kristy)

Marque - because we can. (Damian)

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