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Corporate Graduate Lawyer

Looking for a graduate lawyer to join our corporate team.

Having proved that we can do even serious corporate-type law in a way which doesn't leave clients feeling like they'd rather eat their own kidneys than ever deal with lawyers again, we're again looking to add to our corporate team. The person we're seeking is a graduate or newish lawyer, who is a keen bean with some basic office skills.

We'll need to be convinced that you want to be a really excellent lawyer and that you want to learn about doing deals but also nerdy legal analysis in an environment which bears no resemblance to a shark tank. This is not an opportunity for the faint-hearted.

Marque is out there, noisy, very commercial and very underwhelmed by expensive suits and boardroom tables. We're into doing good and interesting work, loving our clients, being loved by them, firm-wide banter and punching above our weight at most things.

You'll have nowhere to hide here, but you'll have our 100% support and you'll never have to stab anyone else just to get ahead.

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