Our Expertise

We look after the legal needs of corporate clients.
We bring a lot of smarts and a lot of experience
to that task. Here's a snapshot of what we can do.

01  Commercial
02  Competition and consumer law
03  Corporate
04  Energy, mining and infrastructure
05  Fashion
06  Intellectual Property
07  Content and Technology
08  Litigation and Dispute Resolution
09  News and Media
10  Property
11  Workplace Relations
12  Administrative and Regulatory
13  Human Rights
14  eCommerce

We don't advise on tax, remove asbestos, conduct WMD
searches, post selfies, circumvent UN sanctions or cry
into our beer. We do heaps of yoga though.


13 Human Rights

Literally, that.

Call it pro bono, social justice, public benefit or whatever, this part of our practice is anything but an add-on or a giving back. It is central to our purpose and strategy, because we’re not really lawyers if we’re not working to make the law do better for society.

Lawyers are uniquely placed to use the law for good. We apply the full set of our skills, experience, position and passions to that end. Our particular interest is in human rights. We focus on a number of key areas:

  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Sexual assault victims
  • Indigenous Australians’ interactions with the justice system
  • LGBTQI equality
  • Animal rights (let’s not be pedantic, they’re mostly better than humans)

For charities and not-for-profits, we offer a simple and efficient service to get their legal structure established and set them up for operations, at extremely low cost. Where there’s a strong alignment between their purpose and ours, we look after their legal needs pro bono. Our not-for-profit clients and allies include:

  • Amnesty International
  • End Rape On Campus Australia
  • The Oaktree Foundation
  • The Sum of Us
  • The Gurkha Welfare Trust
  • ActionAid Australia
  • Bobby Goldsmith Foundation
  • Australian Fashion Chamber

  • Environmental Justice Australia
  • Griffin Theatre Company
  • SMART Recovery
  • TEDxSydney
  • Our Race
  • New Matilda
  • Refugees Welcome
  • Keep Sydney Open
  • SumOfUs
  • Australia’s Biggest Garage Sale
  • Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience
  • For Film’s Sake
  • Frontline Action on Coal
  • Conscious Ground Australia
  • FemFound
  • StartSomeGood
  • The Henderson Gallery
  • Wayne Weaver Foundation

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