Imaginative, bold, interesting
and fun. That's just for
starters. If you're not those
things, you're not for Marque

If you've worked out that we're unique
and you should be too, tell us!

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If your application uses the word "penultimate"
or tells us that you have excellent written and
oral communication skills, we won't read it.

What's available right now

3 - 4 year Lawyer - Commercial

3 - 4 year Lawyer - Commercial

We need a smart lawyer with some solid commercial experience (private practice or in-house equally fine) and interest in working directly with clients on a constant basis.  Our Commercial team works mostly for clients on retainer, looking after all of their day to day legal needs.  It's the beating heart of Marque.  A deep love of contracts will be an essential personal characteristic, along with the ability to write sentences which have punctuation, no desire to define terms which don't need defining, and an aversion to Latin.  Our clients are humans; they like us to speak human to them.

We will give bonus points for experience with tech contracts/projects.  If we ask you what blockchain is, just smile enigmatically.

This opportunity cries out for a lawyer who wants to do something with their career a bit more meaningful than punching a timesheet, uniformed in a black suit and white blouse with hair tied back in a neat pony tail.  Not that there's anything wrong with a neat pony tail, but we're equally okay with a pink undershave.  (We're not getting into the cornrows debate.)

Come over to the light side.  We'll do amazing things together.

Applications to  Pronounce our name correctly and do not mention the Dalai Lama.