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and fun. That's just for
starters. If you're not those
things, you're not for Marque

If you've worked out that we're unique
and you should be too, tell us!

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If your application uses the word "penultimate"
or tells us that you have excellent written and
oral communication skills, we won't read it.

What's available right now

2 - 3 year Lawyer - Commercial (Tech experience please)

Seasonally Non-Specific Clerkships 2019

2 - 3 year Workplace Relations Lawyer

Seasonally Non-Specific Clerkships 2019


It’s Marque clerkship time!  This won’t interfere with your standard applications for standard summer clerkships at standard firms, you can still do that.  But you can also catch a glimpse of a less grey life, at the firm which invented the radical idea that your worth as a lawyer should not be defined by a measurement of time.  Also we have an inhouse remote-controlled Darth Vader who we’re training to re-stock the beer fridge, pretty sure no other firm can match that.


We have two clerkships on offer: they run for six weeks (or so, we’re not really fussed) and at a time during the year which works for you.  Not after Christmas though, we’ll be on the beach and you should be too.  The clerkships are paid, obvs.


Other rules we don’t have: you don’t have to be in your second-last year; you can work part time if you need to keep your pub job; you don’t have to lie to us about your commitment to a career in commercial law.


We have one requirement, though: your application must be made by podcast.  These are the rules of engagement:

  • Podcasts limited to 5 minutes maximum; we’ll stop listening after 5 minutes anyway.

  • Podcasts to be uploaded to Dropbox; send us the link by email so we can respond to you.  Emails to

  • No other info please (no cvs, no cover letters, no nothing, the only thing we’ll consider is what’s in the podcast).

  • No rules apply to the podcast content.  Knock yourself out.

  • Applications close 30 April 2019.

Why podcasts?  Because we are soooo millennial.


Good luck and remember, nobody ever won a clerkship interview at Marque by playing it safe.  Safe is for the suits.