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We started with the conviction that law as it
is practised is dysfunctional and has become
mired in cynicism. The principal evil is the
business of charging for legal services on
the basis of the time spent doing it.

Time costing makes no sense - there is no connection whatever between the fees
charged and the value of the work done. It rewards inefficiency and tempts lawyers
to behave badly. From the client's perspective, it is uncontrollable and does nothing
more efficiently than generate unpleasant surprises.

Legal costs are a business risk like any other. Our business is management of that
risk. We give our clients certainty as to their legal spending and we approach the
question of pricing with the client's specific needs and constraints in mind.

We believe that our clients would like to pay us fairly for what we do and that a fair
sharing of risk and reward is conducive to a strong long term relationship.

Finally, we want to enjoy our work, work with clients we enjoy, hang out with
colleagues we like and go home each day with a sense of genuine satisfaction
and reward.

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