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This is our purpose; the reason why Marque Exists.
It is to use law for good.

This is as simple as it sounds. We did not become lawyers just to spend our careers navigating corporate clients around legal roadblocks and maximising our personal incomes.

Law is a tool for making society better, not an end in itself, and lawyers hold the code for how to best employ it. If the way we spend our days and skills is not making things better, then what on earth is the point?

Marque is a certified B Corp, which says that our business is led by a purpose other than profit. Read more about that here:

Part of our purpose and, more importantly, our strategy, is our fierce commitment to human rights. We are outspoken in advocacy and lobbying for law reform, and we take on a high volume of cases, usually pro bono, on issues including refugees and asylum seekers, victims of sexual assault and harassment and animal protection. We look after the legal needs of many charities and not-for- profit organisations who are also working to make society more sustainable and humane.

Read more about our human rights work here: 
Human Rights.

Whether we’re practising our core commercial legal skills for corporate clients or acting pro bono for a person who needs help to just survive, the only difference in our approach is whether or not we get paid. Justice is supposed to be blind; the most important social function of lawyers is to work to make that true. We take that responsibility seriously.

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