How we charge

We have a range of pricing models that we are
happy to tailor for your specific requirements:

01  Retainers
02  Fixed and capped fees
03  Litigation - alternatives to time-costing


01 Retainers

We will charge you a fixed periodic fee (usually monthly) under either a global
retainer covering all your legal work or a specific retainer covering identified
aspects of the work. Unlike other firms, we are happy to include litigation in
the retainer.

The retainer fee has no carve-outs or exclusions. It is calculated to equate to the
average value of the work over a long period, so as to smooth out the peaks and
troughs and give you budgeting certainty. Examples of specific retainers we are
currently working under include retainers for general commercial work, workplace
relations work and advertising vetting.

The retainer fee is reviewed regularly to ensure that it is pitched at a fair level in
relation to the volume or work.