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We look after the legal needs of corporate clients.

We bring a lot of smarts and a lot of experience
to that task. Here's a snapshot of what we can do.



Defamation, invasion of privacy, pre-publication injunctions, suppression orders, pre-publication review, advertising regulation, copyright protection and infringement, whistle-blowers and protection of sources, public interest litigation.

Our website and Twitter feed probably tell you that we're pretty interested in communication: the power of language, how a brand can gain a voice, reducing complex concepts to a digestible grab, the reach of social media, what happens to a business when its customers can answer back.  Since we all live online now, many of the biggest questions facing society, our firm and our clients revolve around news and media.  So it's only logical that we'd be all over it.
What we meant by the term "media" used to be pretty straightforward, but not anymore.  Convergence of technologies and platforms, as well as the melding of content streams in increasingly diverse and complex ways, and the endless arms race between technology and the law (which the law always loses), can be dizzying.  We're passionate about all of that – thinking, talking and writing about it constantly.

Whether you have a question like "if we take a tracking shot in Martin Place for our promotion, do we need every punter's consent or do we have to pixilate their faces?", or you've written a tell-all memoir and your ex-employer is demanding to see the manuscript because he thinks you've breached confidentiality obligations and defamed your former colleagues, or a trashy magazine is running a story about you that's entirely fictitious, we know the answers (well, we've answered those ones before).  Or you want to run an interactive campaign involving a fake social media feed and you're worried you might breach national security laws?  We've had that one too.

We act for media companies, agencies, content makers, creatives and advocacy organisations.  Sometimes we work for money; sometimes we do public interest work because we care about it.
Like everything else law-related, it breaks down into compliance (pre-empt the problem), advice (do we have a problem?) and disputes (Houston, we have a problem).  At each stage, we bring industry knowledge and fascination with the subject matter (we really do love this stuff), combine them with a practical, no lawyer-rubbish approach, and get you to where you want to be well before deadline.  And we do it for a fixed price.

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