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We look after the legal needs of corporate clients.

We bring a lot of smarts and a lot of experience
to that task. Here's a snapshot of what we can do.



Legislative and regulatory compliance, disciplinary tribunals, constitutional law, electoral and political matters, judicial review, administrative appeals, royal commissions, ICAC

The law is a maze, and Australia is one of the most heavily regulated countries on Earth, not helped by having a federal government, six states and two territories which make inconsistent regulations for all sorts of things from whether you can sell a cat online to the applicable safety standards for LPG bottles.

For some of our clients in particular, not even a three dimensional road map would suffice to ensure that they stay compliant with all the laws and regulations that apply to their business. They need help from experienced navigators.

Regulated industry sectors we’ve covered include food, therapeutic goods, payments, education, disability services, financial services and even industrial hemp and medicinal marijuana, plus plenty more.

Our team laps up legal complexity like cats who are happy they’re not being sold on eBay. The work we do is widely varied, including:

  • Regulatory compliance review, audits and advice

  • Dealing with regulatory and government bodies on your behalf

  • Applying for internal reviews, administrative reviews (eg NCAT, AAT) and judicial reviews of administrative decisions by regulators

  • Public tribunal work eg ICAC, royal commissions, judicial inquiries

  • Private tribunals eg disciplinary tribunals of professional membership organisations

  • Electoral law – acting for political parties, candidates, third party funders and advocacy/lobbying groups in relation to federal, state and local electoral laws

  • Constitutional cases

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