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Trademark Attorney

Kiera Peacock

Rising with unprecedented rapidity from paralegal to partner in our litigation team, Kiera is terrifyingly smart, fast, efficient, hard working and nice.

Kiera runs a lot of our largest litigation cases, and has a deep expertise in public and administrative law, particularly electoral law. Kiera ran the Court of Disputed Returns case after the 2019 federal election that clarified the law on misleading electoral advertising, and acts for a number of parties and independent MPs. She is definitely Australia's best and most knowledgeable electoral lawyer.

In her spare time, Kiera is surreptitiously subversive and you have to look closely to catch the evil glint in her wide, innocent eyes. We’re onto her, but it took ages. More importantly, she provides the defensive backbone and iron-fisted leadership without which our netball team could most definitely not be called premiership-winning. Her nickname isn't "Captain" for nothing.


Direct line:

+612 8216 3021


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