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Trademark Attorney

Aman Mann

A member of Marque’s Team Canada (Commercial Section), Aman looks after a pile of our commercial clients while pursuing her sub-specialities in commercial property and trade promotions.  She’s versatile, endlessly accommodating and pretty much never in anything other than active wear. 

Aman was the spiritual leader of our 100km Trailwalker team, along with Giselle, Jen and Fee.  The event ended a while ago but the trauma might live forever.  Aman has meanwhile returned to her life goals of convincing the entire firm to play volleyball and teaching us obscure martial arts moves by demonstrating them on hapless co-workers.  A strong contender for Messiest Desk and outright winner of the Could Talk Underwater title, she is never less than a bright addition to the Marque universe.


Direct line:

+612 8216 3026


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