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Trademark Attorney

Justin Cudmore

Justin is one of our Commercial team partners with a particular focus on FMCG and retail clients, and all things starting with "P" - Property, Privacy, PPSA and Panache. He's done pretty much everything, even practised law in Canberra (before the excitement got too much and he had to leave that crazy city), and clients rave about the care and attention, combined with loads of experience and knowledge, that he brings to every piece of work. He also looks great in a powder blue jacket.

But that’s just half the story. In his other guise, Justin moonlights as a fashion photographer and somehow does all our headshots in a way that makes us look amazing. His abilities, interests and easy and gentlemanly charm pretty much makes him the perfect example of balance as we like to think it should be.


Direct line:

+612 8216 3015


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