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Trademark Attorney

Emily Clapoudis

One of our senior litigators, EmClap is all over the secrets of the extra-long affidavit and how to be bffs with a registrar. She was rinsed in the Supreme Court Commercial List earlier and more brutally than is the norm, but bounced straight back with her trademark cheek. We literally throw her into the deep end of complex disputes with the certainty that she’ll swim. An unbreakable advocate for her clients and their causes.

EmClap (she also answers to plain Clap) is part of our expat Port Macquarie community; when she’s WFP (Working From Port) it’s important to remember to turn the volume down on the video calls, because Clap is LOUD. An actual champion surfer, she says words like frothin’ without irony and is stupidly good at everything athletic. Life admin, not so much; she has more Opal cards than shoes. And don’t ask her for directions.


Direct line:

+612 8216 3050


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