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Trademark Attorney

Andrea Farrugia

Andrea (Dre, pronounced like the doctor) is a litigator, working on some of our meatiest public and human rights law cases as well as general commercial litigation. She’s a master of court timetables and procedures and ferociously good at marshalling massive volumes of evidence into something that won’t scare counsel (or judges) away.

Joining us originally as a somewhat ambivalent law student keen to work out whether this law thing was really viable, Dre has found her place in the firmament (that’s an actual word, not a pun on “firm”) and ok we’re struggling for a word that means “blossomed” but isn’t “blossomed” because Dre would punch us if we wrote that about her, hmm let’s go with the less controversial “grown” – Dre has grown into her litigation skin and these days holds her space like an old pro. She’s a champion for social justice, an implacable fighter of the good fight and an excellent drinking buddy. Also, the only member of the firm who’s ever received an email directly from Pauline Hanson. It was a butt dial, but still kind of a claim to fame.


Direct line:

+612 8216 3029


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