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Trademark Attorney

Kyra Edwards

A very special Marquester. Kyra joined us while still a child, her experience working in 5-star resorts reassuring us that she’d already have dealt with more annoying customers than we could ever chuck at her. She then set about proving that it’s possible to work full time, study full time, and commute from a different city, all simultaneously, while still maintaining your reputation as the firm’s premiere krumper and knowing more about both US politics and the private lives of rap artists than the rest of us combined. Maybe she never actually sleeps. We don’t really know.

What we do know is that, these days, Kyra is a highly experienced and complete litigation senior associate, and how incredibly hard working, smart, reliable and valuable she is to us and our clients. Whenever we need something done fast, right and grammatically perfect, or the office converted into a gender fluid disco wonderland (with unicorns), Kyra is the call.


Direct line:

+612 8216 3010


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