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Trademark Attorney

Kristy Dixon

Kristy heads up our corporate/M&A practice, having fallen for our charms after a stellar career at top tier firms. She’s done ridiculously impressive things like buying Bankwest and selling Dodo, so we’re pretty confident you can’t come up with a corporate deal or accompanying jargon that she won’t smash out of the park with a quietly confident smile. She’s worked inhouse and outhouse, and look let’s face it she’s the goods.

Currently the blondest member of the partnership, and importantly responsible for returning our gender mix to 50/50 as it should be, Kristy clings to her youth by hanging out at live music gigs and asking the bouncers to check her ID. She’s occasionally violent (she calls it kickboxing, we call it don’t argue with Kristy) but just mention the puppy she rescued from the pound and she’s putty. It’s always good to know where the soft spot is.


Direct line:

+612 8216 3070


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