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Trademark Attorney

Sarah Mentasti

A refugee from the glowing lights of Brisvegas, Sarah brings some serious megafirm experience and a passion for reading really long contracts to the Energy, Resources and Infrastructure practice. Whether you want to drill a hole all the way to China, farm in or farm out whatever it is people farm in and out, build a wind farm using only recycled bottle caps or power a small city with batteries that don’t contain rare metals hand-mined by children in the Congo, Sarah has the expertise, imagination and drafting wizardry to get you well across the line.

Obviously, Queenslanders usually spend much of their time defending their home state, but Marque is a land of diversity and tolerance, so Sarah has never felt the sting of unfeeling prejudice at our place. She’s up for everything and an eternally cheerful presence to have around, but we’re pretty sure there’s another personality in there just wanting to come out and get arrested. Challenge accepted.


Direct line:

+612 8216 3061


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