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Trademark Attorney

Laksha Prasad

One of our resident IP experts, Laksha litigates trade mark and copyright disputes as part of her growing repertoire in superior court litigation. She can take one look at your prototype replica beer can design and tell you the odds that you’re going to have a major problem with a brewing competitor who has no sense of humour.

She can also punch your lights out, but she won’t. We know how it is that Laksha frequently turns up at the office limping and carrying impressive new bruises, but why exactly she enjoys the mixed martial arts thing she calls “sport” and “exercise” is a whole other question. Not a usual combination with a taste for fine dining, nor with an inability to walk past furniture without bumping into it, but It’s just another quirk in a long list of the layers we keep peeling off this unique onion.


Direct line:

+612 8216 3038


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