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Trademark Attorney

Lilly McGuire

Honestly, if we could issue a licence to kill, Lilly would be 001. She is the trade marks practice equivalent of a heat-seeking missile, the specialist we’d call if there was a meteorite headed for Earth and the last hope of mankind was a sharply-worded letter to IP Australia.

Not that the ability to scare a trade mark into registering itself is Lilly’s only (trade mark) skill. Carrying herself with almost imperial hauteur, she is mostly referred to around the office as Princess Lilly because we fear the consequences otherwise. Joining Marque as a secretary, Lilly very quickly found a niche she liked and self-motivated herself into the registered trade mark attorney and absolute weapon she now is. We never remind her of that brain snap when she resigned to go to another (ie more boring) firm for the experience (ie bad judgement call), before we enticed her back with a new tiara and a reminder that our parties are always better than the competition’s. Mind you, half the reason they’re better is Lilly, so…


Direct line:

+612 8216 3079


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