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Trademark Attorney

Eloise Pearson

It’s a thing in our commercial team that you have to say “I love contracts” often, and look like you mean it, but Eloise (Elo to us, but not you) really does. No judgement, some people love trainspotting or collecting navel lint, it’s just part of the rich tapestry. Elo came to us from a background in strata law, which might be handy to clients from time to time and definitely is for us when we’re having fights with our own owners’ corporations. But for any of those day-to-day needs businesses have, whether it’s contract terms they want to not be unlawfully unfair or a policy for keeping the Privacy Commissioner happy, Elo is ready.

Some people have an internal dialogue, and some keep it internal. Elo is not one of those people; what she’s feeling is what she’s thinking and what she’s thinking is what she’s saying, so we probably know a bit more than we need to but there’s a reason honesty is always called refreshing. Hanging with Elo is never not fun. And she can talk underwater. We’ve tested it.


Direct line:

+612 8216 3053


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