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Trademark Attorney

Netta Egoz

Netta and Marque circled each other for a long time before the stars aligned and we brought her unique set of legal, entrepreneurial and philosophical skills into our mix for the undoubted benefit of our commercial clients. Netta’s background is varied, kind of fascinating and geared for her chosen area of practice, helping businesses adapt to and thrive in the new economy.

Strong opinions and the willingness to act on them are in the Marque DNA, and not something we’ve had to teach Netta. She is dynamic in the way that is often said but rarely seen in the real world. She is powered and motivated by curiosity, and as far as we can tell she finds everything fascinating. Especially her own garden, which Instagram suggests she is slowly turning into a national treasure. If you don’t care about plants, don’t expect her to care about whether you want to hear about her plants. Like the sector in which she works and constantly seeks to learn, Netta is a limitlessly renewable resource of energy and ideas. Best export from NZ since Wellington Paranormal.


Direct line:

+612 8216 3030


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