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We look after the legal needs of corporate clients.

We bring a lot of smarts and a lot of experience
to that task. Here's a snapshot of what we can do.



Employees - you can't live without them...

But we get it, this is the most frustrating area of law for every employer.  It's complex and it’s broad. Modern awards, enterprise agreements, unfair dismissals, and health and safety obligations are just the beginning. But the worse thing is that, even if you’re the world’s fairest employer, sooner or later you'll be dealing with employment disputes.  And then you're looking at spending money you shouldn't have to spend, either on lawyers or a pay-out.  It's frequently unfair, but the practical reality is that it's rarely worth the fight.

We can help you take back control of this part of your business risk.  We look after workplace relations on a retainer model, which includes workplace litigation.  That means you’ve got advice on tap before, during and after workplace issues turn into disputes. Further, your downside risk is covered, so you can handle disputes in accordance with what's right, not just to make the problem go away.

Our team's expertise is a given, on all things workplace.  The differences are two: first, we worry about the law and give you short answers to complex questions -  let us worry about the legal “what if’s”, you just take care of your staff.  Secondly, we've thought about the problem of open-ended risk in managing a workforce, and aligned our service model to solve it.  The result is money not just saved, but way better spent.

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